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        Home >> About Us

        Shijiazhuang Famechem Chemical Co., Ltd located in north China, formally registered at government departments.  We are one of the largest chemical exporter in China.

        Through years of development, we are serving more industries and more customers, 

        we can supply the best qualtity goods with reasonable price to customers world-widely. 

        We are the ISO 9001 certified company.

        Nowadays, we are involving several industries: 

        NBR Latex for Nitrile Gloves

        Painting and Coating,Tianium Dioxide Anatase; Rutile 

        Thinner and Solvents(MEK,PMA, PM,Acetates, Acetone,Styrene etc.)

        Antiscalant Ball (Sodium calcium polyphosphate)


        Isotridecanol Ethoxylate;Fatty Alcohol ethoxylate;

        (Non ionic emulsifiers)

        Maleic Anhydride

        Adhesive (Chloroprene Rubber, PVA)

        Food ingredient and Feed additives, 

        Pharmaceutical raw materials, 

        Graphite electrode  


         Our sales team has 20 years experience on chemical business. We had  exported to more than 30 Counties.

         We guarantee to our clients: Fast offer, Low cost, Immediate shipment, Whole-hearted service!

         Your inquiry will be always thought of much importance to us whether it is grams or thousands of tons.

         We expect to be good friend with you not only a business partner!

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